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All our drivers have been vaccinated.

During this pandemic COVID-19 crisis, our thoughts and well wishes go out to all of you. Our black car service is operational & available for essential transportation that you and your family may need. Nothing has a higher priority than the safety and health of our Clients. For this reason, A TRANSPORTATION SERVICE wishes to reassure you that our #1 focus is the cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation of our fleet. Thank you.     

A TRANSPORTATION SERVICE LLC is adhering to the highest standards of safety and hygiene to ensure that our passengers can be safe and feel comfortable. Here are just some of the precautions we take as a company to protect you and our chauffeurs:


* Installed plexiglass shields in all of our vehicles to create a protective wall between the chauffeur and passengers
* Drivers are required to wear a face mask and protective gloves
* Face masks are offered to our passengers
* Tell the Client about our vehicle sanitation procedures
* Disinfect all of our sedans and SUV’s after each ride
* Physical contact with passengers is avoided
* Chauffeurs bow to the Client in lieu of a handshake
* Items such as candies and magazines have been removed
* Sitting in the front seat is not permitted
* Bottled water is only placed in the door holders
* Hand sanitizer is available in the guest areas
* Offer to assist with luggage but at the Clients discretion
* Turn off air circulation feature while driving
* Offer to wipe down the handles of the luggage
From all of us here at Client Services, we hope you’ll be traveling with us soon. Stay healthy and be well.
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